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What We Offer


Skilled Nursing

Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses assist with all nursing needs including teaching, observations, and skilled nursing procedures such as: wound care, breathing treatments, blood sugar monitoring, blood draws, foley catheter care, urostomy/colostomy/tracheostomy care and feeding tube maintenance.


Physical Therapy

A Licensed Physical Therapist may assist with evaluating a patient’s level of functionality, disability, injury or disease process and establish a proper treatment regimen to relieve pain, develop or restore function, instruct in proper use of medical equipment and or assistive devices to achieve maximum rehabilitative care.


Occupational Therapy

A Registered Occupational Therapist may assist in the restoration of functional abilities such as feeding, grooming, dressing, and homemaking as well as recreation and vocational skills.


Speech Therapy

A Certified Speech and Language Pathologist may assist with evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and helping to improve and restore speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, swallowing, fluency and other related disorders caused by disease or accident.


Home Health Aide

An Aide may assist with personal care, simple treatment, exercises, and homemaking needs under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.


Medical Social Work

A Social Worker can visit with patient and family to assist with the problems related to care at home and to coordinate essential community services.


Medical Supplies and Equipment

Rehab Med Care will assist in ordering medical equipment and supplies as necessary to meet your treatment goals. These items may include a hospital bed, wheelchair, commode, walker, crutches, cane, oxygen, breathing equipment and wound care dressings.